Sunday, January 27, 2019

Just Fell for Edelman, No Lie

After Reading "A Gronking to Remember" this Patriots erotica is a class above (although that isn't saying much). I didn't even know that Patriots erotica was a thing, but I can't un-know that knowledge or turn back time to un-read these "gems." Just Fell for Edelman, No Lie (ugh, this title is horrible btw) is a short little erotica that tells of a blossoming sexual relationship between Edeman and a no-nonsense bartender he falls head over heels for. Compared to other erotica it's pretty tame and very sweet. The bartender and Edelman really like each other and they have great sex. Can they make a long distance relationship work? And that's it. The whole story. Not badly written, but a little lacking. However if you are on a Patriots spank bank mission, this is much, much better than the Gronking trash out there (although that crap is amusing as hell to read).

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