Sunday, January 27, 2019

A Gronking to Remember

Sweet Mary Mother of God! What in the hell did I just read?!?! In all honesty, I did this to myself. No one made me read this. With the Superbowl looming next weekend I though I would read some NFL erotica. I'm no Patriots fan, but despite my best searching, I could not find any Rams erotica, so I settled on this...

Despite the title, this is not a book that focuses on hot, sweaty Gronk sex. Disappointing...  This short little erotica instead focuses on one lonely housewife's intense turn-on for all things Gronk. Unable to control herself she flies into masturbation at the first hint of a Gronk pass. When he spikes the ball, climax central. Her marriage is just meh so she focuses on the pleasures of watching Gronk and getting horny. She quickly spirals out of control causing her husband to leave after she tries forcing herself on him when he's drunk, telling him to "fuck her like's he's Gronk." He drunkenly runs away and immediately crashes his car. They later decide to try and save their marriage. He takes her to a Patriots game and the book ends on a truly fucking weird note. Like, you need to read it. I can't relive that last scene. Fucking bizarre. Pardon my language, but my god. This book is something else. Read at your own peril.

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