Thursday, October 25, 2018

Essential Sports Nutrition

Whether you're an avid athlete working out five hours a day or a yoga enthusiast working out a few days a week, Essential Sports Nutrition has a little something for everyone. While it can be a little dense and "sciencey" in areas, the after chapter summaries do a great job outlining all the key points and takeaways. This book includes recipes, tips on how and what to fuel up on, how to create a meal plan that works for your body and your unique active lifestyle, and so much more. It's a comprehensive guide that manages to not get too overwhelming. Reading this opened my eyes to so many factors that can affect your health and diet such as time of year, bodily changes, types of food, etc. This book will definitely inspire you to make healthy changes. Even incremental steps are better than no steps at all! A must own guide for anyone that is remotely active, there are no fad diets, or sketchy meal plans, everything is science based! 

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