Monday, October 29, 2018

The Adults

Two exes, their child, and their new partners decide to go on a camping holiday over Christmas. What on earth could go wrong? Everything, that's what could go wrong. Very similar to Truly Madly Guilty in format; The Adults alternate between police report snippets and the events leading up to "the shooting incident." Matt has been wanting to see more of his daughter Scarlet, so he convinces his ex-wife and her boyfriend to join him and his girlfriend on a holiday adventure. Along for the ride is Posey, Scarlet's imaginary giant purple bunny, and a lot of mixed emotions. Patrick and Alex immediately feel like the odd ones out, did their partners really ever get divorced? How are they so chummy? One mishap after another starts to derail their holiday plans, but readers will keep reading to see how they finally got to the breaking point. Hilarious, ridiculous, and in good fun, The Adults was charming, albeit a bit predictable.

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