Monday, February 6, 2017


Full of sex and scadal and written slightly better than "50 Shades of Grey" this erotica would have appealed to me more had there not been copious amounts of cheating and ridiculous plot twists at the end. On the surface Zoe has the perfect life: an adoring husband, a great job, a huge house, and wonderful kids. She loves her husband but their sex life is very lacking. From an early age Zoe was fascinated with sex, she couldn't wait to do it. She finally lost her virginity to her childhood sweatheart (now husband) and has always been faithful (yet unfulfilled) until she meets a young artist who sweeps her off her feet and and into the bedroom. She doesn't love him, but for the first time in her life her sexual needs are being met. Soon she gets another lover, and then another. And she realizes that her addiction to sex is spiraling out of control. She loves her husband, but she loves sex too. Zoe decides to finally get help, but from there things only get more complicated. The end is a little much, but I still want to see the movie adaptation of it.

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