Sunday, August 10, 2014


I LOVED this book. It's quite possibly one of the best books I've read for young readers in the past decade and definitely the best book I've ever read on the subject of dealing with physical disabilities and overcoming adversity. Simply fanttastic. I listened to the audiobook version and I love that each "voice" in the book was narrated by another person.

The premise of the story is simple. August has a facial "deformity" (bad term I know). A very bad one. His family and friends  are able to look past it and see his radiant personality shining through but the same can't be said of everyone else. Kids call him a freak, parents stare, people run away. Needless to say, young Auggie has to deal with a lot. Especially, now that his parents are encouraging him to attend school for the first time in his life. Because of all the major facial surgeries Auggie has always been homeschooled by his mother, but now that he doesn't need any surgeries for a while there is no real reason for him to stay him. Obviously, August can think of a lot; kids will make fun of him, he won't make friends, people will say mean things, etc. In the end he decides to give school a try and it is nearly as bad as he thought it would be but he decides to tough it out. Slowly but surely he starts to make some friends. This is their story. Told alternately from the viewpoints of Auggie, his sister, his school friends, and others. This is a tale of kindness and seeing the best in others. It will make you laugh, cry, be angry, and view beauty in a completely different way.

A phenomenal, amazing read!

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