Wednesday, April 30, 2014


LOVED IT!! This may be my favorite in the trilogy. Things really started to come together and I loved the character development. It was thrilling, ingenious, and well researched. If Yellowstone erupts in my lifetime, this will most definitely be my go to manual.

The first two books were composed of a lot of short term missions, scuffles, fights, survival, but this book really set the stage for how Alex, Darla and their family is going to be able to live long term in their apocalyptic new world. I enjoyed their town building, technical details and strategies for solving common problems. It's very intriguing and suffice it to say, if I were in their shoes I wouldn't last too long.

An exciting and impeccable conclusion to the "Ashfall" trilogy, I can't wait to see what author, Mike Mullin, has in store for us next!

For fans of survival literature, end of the world scenarios, and dystopias.

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