Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ashen Winter

I thought the first book in the trilogy was fast paced, boy was I wrong! The action in "Ashen Winter" never lets up. Just when you think they've finally made it, something insane and awful happens and you have to keep reading!  There is no break! Which is fine by me because this makes the story whiz by.

Almost half a year after Yellowstone erupted and pretty much destroyed North America, Alex and Dara decide to leave the relative safety of his Uncle's farm to try and find Alex's parents. The second they hit the road, all hell breaks loose. There's bandits, flensers (cannibals), horrible FEMA officers, and gangs of desperate starving people who will stop at nothing to survive. Alex and Dara have to not only fight and outsmart these people, but survive the hellish winter they're in. Is it even worth surviving in this world? And if so who is worth dying for?

Another fantastic addition to Mike Mullin's work. I cannot wait to read the conclusion!

For fans of dystopias, fight for survivals, and young adult literature.

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