Saturday, November 23, 2013

The City of Dreaming Books

I won't deny it, this book was inventive and unique, but..... not my cuppa tea. As a bibliophile I appreciated everything this book was about, it's ingenious and clever, but again, not my cuppa tea.

This story follows Optimus Yarnspinner, a dinosaur from Lindworm castle who ventures to Bookholm to find the author of a manuscript. Once there, things go horribly wrong and he ends up poisoned and in the deep dangerous depths of the catacombs that run deep beneath the city. He fends off bookhunters, booklings, and other horrifying creatures as he tries to make his way back up to the surface.

Book lovers and bibliophiles will appreciate the beautiful imagery and book lore, but it might be a bore for others. This story is full of adventure, high fantasy, and bibliophilia but it's not for everyone. Wonderfully written and crafted but I just wasn't feeling it.

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