Monday, November 11, 2013

Eleanor and Park

There has been soo much good hype surrounding this story that I was more than eager to pick this bad boy up. What really drew me into this book was the realness of it. It didn't feel fake like many other of the young adult romances I've read. This book was seeped with emotion, heartfelt, sad, funny, and painful emotion.

This story is set in the eighties but it's not your typical John Highes romance. Eleanor and Park have nothing in common (or so they think) and they start off feeling nothing but embarrassment and resentment towards each other. Eleanor is a plump red headed, eccentric girl who's new in town. She has a hidden secret though. Her family life is AWFUL. Her stepfather is an abusive drunk and she has to protect her four younger siblings from his frequent outbursts. She views school as another obstacle that she has to tackle, that is until she gets to know Park.

Park is the shy yet mildly popular half Korean kid. When he first sets eyes on Eleanor he is just embarrassed for her. He only shares his bus seat with her out of pity. Soon though he starts sharing his comics, then his mix tapes, and then FINALLY they start talking and realize how perfect they are for each other... except that they're not. This is high school and nothing is perfect.

Everyone will be able to relate with some aspects of this book. It's raw, heartfelt, and gets right to the heart of what it feels like to young, confused, and in love.

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