Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rose Under Fire

EPIC READ! For fans of historical fiction, young adult novels, World War II dramas, or the book "Code Name Verity" this book is for you!! I hardly know where to begin. This book was amazing, it was thought provoking, intelligent, heartbreaking, and humorous. It kept your attention from page to page.

The story follows a young female American pilot who transports aircraft from site to site. Strictly speaking she had a pretty safe, civilian job, that is until she gets caught by two German pilots who escort her behind enemy lines. Once there she thrown into Ravensbruck, a female concentration camp and she experiences horrors beyond her wildest imagination. She befriends the "rabbits" a group of girls who were medically experimented on and now have deformed legs. Together they try to beat the system and stay alive. It's the story of women overcoming horrible odds and tragedies by sticking together, friendship and hope are powerful things.

Something else great about this book is all the poetry dispersed throughout it. Rose stays sane in the camp by making poems about the gruesome and grotesque things she sees on a daily basis. The characters in this book may have been made up but Ravensbruck was real and so were the Rabbits and the horrors within. "Tell the world" Rose said. Read this book and pass it on.

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