Monday, May 21, 2018

The Mothers

Small secrets can fester and grow and have a ripple effect that will last far longer than anyone ever could have anticipated. After the loss of Nadia's mother, high school becomes unbearable. She cuts loose, flirts, stays out late, anything to pass the time. When she meets Luke, the pastor's son, the world seems to tip back on it's axis and everything is right again.That is, until the pregnancy. She makes a decision to abort the money and although he doesn't want that to happen he gives her the money and then abandons her at the abortion clinic. Their high school romance dissolved, Nadia goes her own way and Luke his... until they meet up again years later. Is something still there? Is the secret still haunting them. Bennett does a wonderful job creating flawed characters who readers will try to root for even though they continue to make the wrong decisions. A great book club selection.

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