Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Ryan's Crossing

The second book in an inspirational series; this installment focuses on Ryan, Amber's brother. Astonished to see his sister again after so long, he is initially guarded. How did everything turn out so well for her? She was a runaway for years and now she's getting married and marrying into the nicest and most genuine family Ryan has ever seen. Also, his parents and younger brother Keith seem pretty content and may also settle down in the same small town of Crossing. The turmoil of his youth is forgotten and he seems unsure of what to do. Should he stay in his paramedic job a few hours away or should he move closer to family and make up for lost time? It doesn't hurt that his sister's new sister-in-law is the most gorgeous and caring beauty he's ever seen. Will God show him what path to choose?

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