Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Just Let Go

If more inspirational (christian) books were like this, I 'd probably read a ton more. It was gorgeously written and even though you know where the story will end, readers will have an enjoyable time getting to the conclusion. Set in a charming Michigan tourist town during the winter (ie the off-season), this slow burn romance captures all the butterflies, setbacks, misconceptions, and and wrong turns that eventually entwine the two main characters. Quinn has just bought the towns floral shop, and she's excited to renovate and re-open the store that her mother once owned. Grady, a reckless thrill seeking skier ends up getting stuck in this tiny town for five weeks while he does community service. On the surface they're horrible for each other, but their hearts don't know that. They slowly start to open up to each other and go outside their comfort zones to confront issues in their past in hopes that it can pave the way to their future. Charming and cute; this inspirational romance will win over many. It's the second in a series, but I had no idea and it didn't hinder the story for me in any way. 

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