Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Spiderman/ Deadpool: Side Pieces

This collection of comics takes quite a detour from volume one. While it does still feature everyone's favorite friendly neighborhood Spiderman and Deadpool there is no continuous narration of story like in volume one. This volume (two) features five comics that were written by guest authors and illustrators and they are all wildly different stand alones. From a 1960s throwback to Penn and Teller to a Christmas spinoff and more; this collection is on the bizarre side. Some of them tried a little too hard and fell flat for me, such as the one where they are making a Deadpool movie in Hollywood and Spiderman decides to tag along as assistant producer. Lots of pop culture and actual movie references aside (Ryan Reynolds...) it was a little too over the top. It was still a fun and off the wall collection, but I personally prefer when Spiderman and Deadpool get to take it slow and have more than single issue comics. They're bromantic!

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