Thursday, February 6, 2014

This Is Where I Leave You

I dare you to find a more dysfunctional family then the one Jonathan Trooper lovingly paints a portrait of in this zany and ingenious novel. It's a funny and brutally honest read.

Judd Foxman has hit a bit of a rough patch. His wife of ten years has been cheating on him with his boss forcing him to move out and live in a  damp basement, and his father just died. To top it all off, his father's dying request had been for his family to sit Shiva for seven days, so now Judd is stuck with his crazy family for a full week. Between his three siblings, mother, extended family, and constant stream of mourners it will be a miracle if they make it out alive.

Jonathon Tropper does an amazing job of bringing his quirky characters to life, and even though you hate their flaws, you end up loving them all for their downright craziness. This is a family you wish you would have lived by, they're so dysfunctional, they're fun.

A witty read, recommended to all.

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