Wednesday, February 26, 2014


This book was not what I expected or anticipated at all. It was on Buzzfeed's Junkiest Books About Drugs List AND it received a starred review from Publisher's Weekly so I decided to give it a whirl... Ugh, I shoulda gave it up 20 pages in when I couldn't get into it. I powered through all 248 pages hoping that it would at least pick up... nope!

The story follows Paul, a twenty something author living in Manhattan, who plows through life using a combination of drugs and medications. We're not meant to pity him, just observe, as he goes from literary event to restaurant to Taiwan, etc. Paul is a loner and aimlessly drifts around until he finds a girl to attach himself to. When he meets Erin their drug use intensifies and their quest for the meaning of life becomes hopelessly muddled.

It's well written, but not exciting. I couldn't find myself relating to any of the characters. Read at your own risk.

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