Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Sweet By and By

This was a cute, heart wrenching, and mildly predictable but still enjoyable christian romance. Country singer, Sara Evans, and Rachel Hauck team up to write this sappy, endearing novel about redemption, heart break, and true love. Jade has an ugly past. Her parents all but abandoned her and her brother and sister and let their grandmother raise them while she was off living vicariously from man to man. When Jade turns sixteen she secretly marries her high school sweetheart only to have her heart broken. Now in her thirties and engaged, Jade begins to have doubts. Can she ever leave the past in the past? Confide in her fiance? Forgive her hippie mother? Find Jesus?

For a Christian romance I was impressed. It wasn't overly Godly and the characters had real, relatable flaws.

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