Friday, May 11, 2012

James Bond + A Cane - English Accent = Thrill Ride

"The Corruptible" by Mark Mynheir is easily one of the best "thriller" novels this year. Admittedly, it started off a bit slow but once the plot began to thicken I was entranced. The characters are highly likable and the plot has more twists and plot turns than a Patterson novel.

The story follows Ray, a retired Orlando police officer turned private investigator, as he tries to solve a case involving a stolen hard drive. Ray takes on the powerful Armon as a client and tries to locate some "highly sensitive" data that was taken from a disgruntled employee. The case sounds simple enough but gets messy when the employee, Logan (an ex-cop that Ray worked with), is found dead in a seedy motel room. Trying to find out who killed Logan and stole the hard drive turns out to be harder than Ray ever expected. Crevis, Ray's trusty partner and roommate, is always at Ray's side protecting him from the never ending stream of bad guys that seem to want to hurt them (a motorcycle gang even comes into play!).

The story is more about solving a case however, Ray starts to realize that he has to face his inner demons as well as helping people solve theirs. Too often he drinks in order to numb the pain of his hip (he was injured in the last novel, causing him to use a cane and retire and start a business of his own) and his friends Crevis and Pam try to warn him. They care for Ray as an employer, but their relationship goes beyond that and they care for him as a friend too.

Definitely a must read if you want to find out how this case ends. Will Ray ever solve Armon's case and discover who killed Logan and stole the hard drive? Will Ray overcome his addiction to Jim Beam? Read to find out!!

"I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review."

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts and the review. This sounds like an interesting book. :O)