Wednesday, May 30, 2012

9 Months of Expectations, 3 Months of Disappointment

Where do I even begin?? I guess the start is a logical place to begin.

Here is my journey thus far...

I arrive at the University of Maryland after taking 2 flights, a bus, 2 metro rails and a cab. I have never been more excited to stop traveling. I meet up with my awesome roommate Lisa, and we discover happy hour at Applebees.

*Friday* Lisa and I trek across campus for our first day of pre-departure orientation. We meet the group there are 13 students, 2 translators, and a group leader. We immediately get the shit scared out of us by a guest speaker who insists that we will: be robbed of all our possessions, get roofied by aggressive men who, best case scenario, just want to date rape us, and be followed by government officials and turned into sleeper agents for the KGB. The entire class immediately regrets signing up on the trip. After orientation, we have hours to kill so Matt, Lisa, and I eat at a local diner, smoke hookah,and watch the weather channel.

We sweat our way towards our last day of orientation (thank you Maryland for 80% humidity) and the professor convinces us that Russia is not as sinister as our guest speaker made it out to be. After it's over we have nothing left to do, so Lisa and I get our nails done and eat dinner. I then find out my study abroad friend from Ireland is still living in DC so we take the metro and go visit him, he shows us a few bars and then we stumble back to Maryland to go to bed and finally get ready for the big day of traveling.

A shuttle picks us up at the hotel and takes Matt (who is also from Indiana I might add!), Lisa, and I to the Dulles airport nearly an hour away. We get their several hours early and kill time till the rest of the group arrives. Then we take a nearly 8 hour hop across the atlantic and arrive at Copenhagen. From their we head on another plane and arrive at st. Petersburg! More tomm. gotta run, sorry for the typos, writing this on my nook is hard!

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