Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another Teen Romance....

I'm going to be honest, these "paranormal teen romance" books are not my cup of tea, so please bear that in mind when you're reading my review.

"The Temptation" is a novel about a beautiful young girl, Shane, who falls in love with an ethereal being. Travis, a smoking hot young cowboy rescues Shane from a hideous car wreck and the two become practically inseparable. The only problem is Shane can't explain Travis and all the mystery that follows him to her family and friends so everyone starts to think that maybe the car crash messed with her brain. As she get's closer to Travis, 
Shane realizes that the forces of evil are closing in around them. If that sounds cheesy, that's because it is. It wasn't that it was badly written or anything, I just am NOT a fan of this genre. What is it with young girls falling for supernatural creatures all the time? And it's not like there's a drawn out romance either, they instantly fall in love (think Twilight). 

That being said, if you're a fan of this genre, then you will most definitely love this book. If not, pass it over!

I received this book for free from GoodReads giveaways in return for my unbiased honest opinion. 

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