Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The Last Unicorn

Fanciful, fun, and timeless; The Last Unicorn may be over five decades old but it is a classic fantasy novel that remains just as fresh as when it was first written in 1968. When a unicorn ventures out of her forest she realizes she can't remember the last time she saw another unicorn, where have they all gone? She goes on a quest to discover where they are and in the process teams up with a hapless magician and an earnest peasant woman who is just content to go along for the ride. The trio venture to King Haggard's kingdom where rumor has it that a red bull has trapped all the unicorns. Peter S. Beagle is a master wordsmith and the tale is beautifully written; poetic even. Orlagh Cassidy, masterfully narrates the story bringing warmth and expression that help readers lose themselves in the lush fantasy world. This audio edition also includes a new introduction by Patrick Rothfuss, a giant in the fantasy genre, who waxes poetic about "his favorite book ever." The Last Unicorn is perfect for readers who love The Princess Bride, Ella Enchanted, and other whimsical fantasy stories. Filled with heroes, noble quests, magical creatures, curses, and unforgettable characters – this classic is perfect for all ages.

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