Friday, September 16, 2022

The Kingdoms of Savannah

Interesting premise, but it takes a while to get invested. This gothic tale definitely gives off The Garden of Good and Evil vibes but has more mystery and history thrown in. When a homeless man is found burned up in a sleazebag landlord's rundown holding - everyone is convinced that the landlord was just out to get the insurance money and knew but didn't care about the squatter. Jaq, a young socialite with old money family - happened to be good friends with that squatter. Jaq often worked as a bartender at Bo Peeps and she is enraged at his death. She is furious when her grandmother decides to take on the case - after the sleezy landlord reached out to their family and hired them to "solve the crime" - the only crime, Jaq thinks, it's believing that scumbag. But some things don't add up - while he still may be guilty there are other things that need looking into - things that old money Savannah wants to stay buried. Very interesting and filled with neat characters - just took to long for me to get invested in the story. 

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