Friday, August 5, 2022


I always feel smarter after reading a Blake Crouch novel. They are intense science thrillers and are perfect for anyone who loved The Martian. They are action packed, fast paced, and smart as hell. Every scenario seems plausible when it's backed by the science that Crouch provides. Upgrade is set in the not too distant future. Logan Ramsay works for the Gene Protection Agency or the GPA, stopping scientists who are working underground to edit genes. He hates his job, but he feels the needs to atone for his mother's sins. His mother was a world famous scientist who accidentally killed 200 million people after playing around with genes. While on a night raid of a lab, an explosion injects unknown genetic information in his body. Is it a plague or something worse? Soon he finds out that what's been injected in him should be possible, he's been upgraded - is he the next step in human evolution and what impact will this have on the world?

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