Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Daisy Darker

Man - this book had some legit twists and turns and I did not see the ending coming. This book has some serious Agatha Christie vibes and readers will quickly pick up on that. Daisy Darker is returning to Seaglass, her grandmothers house that is located on a small island accessible only during the day. Her grandmother has invited her, her two estranged sisters, her divorced parents, and her precious niece to the island for a family reunion. The family hasn't all gathered together in years and Daisy is surprised they are all agreeing to it. But it is her grandmother's 80th birthday and she always believed that she would die on that day. Perhaps everyone thinks she will share the will with them - their grandmother after all, is a famous children's author. One by one the family members start dying gruesome deaths. Each death is accompanied by a messed up rhyme and a VHS - who is killing everyone off and why? It took me a little bit to get into - but once I did I could NOT put it down. Fantastic ending.  

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