Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Revolution in Our Time

Honestly, I went into this book hardly knowing a thing about the Black Panthers other than their image - and I was so grateful to get to learn more about the organization, the leaders, and the beliefs. This nonfiction book may have been written with young adults in mind but it is also perfect for adults who want to learn more. It is accessible, filled with photographs, and encompassing, but not too bogged down with minutia; it was wonderfully written. Everything I thought I knew about the Panthers was either misconstrued, false, or only half right - there was so much more to the organization than I thought! It's really depressing the way that the Panthers have been portrayed in the media, movies, and the textbooks - they were so much more than the negative press. Fascinating stuff and I'm so glad I actually know the big picture now. I would love to read some of the memoirs written by the founding members and leaders!

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