Wednesday, March 23, 2022

The Paris Apartment

This book has one hell of a hook and will keep you guessing. Even when I correctly guessed some of the parts there were twists on top of that so I was constantly surprised. Not quite as strong as her first thriller, The Guest List, but still a solid read that will keep readers engaged. When Jess needs to get away from her life for a bit she calls up her brother and asks to crash at his Paris apartment. He reluctantly agrees to allow her to stay, but when she arrives at his apartment building he is not there to let her in. Where has he gone? She finagles her way into the apartment eventually, and is shocked to see the cat covered in blood and a strong smell of bleach in the apartment. Whatever happened to her brother probably isn't good. She decides to start asking the people in the surrounding apartments if they know anything, but things keep taking weirder turns. What is going on? Twisty and dark. Some elements are easy to suss out and others are completely surprising. 

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