Tuesday, March 8, 2022


I love a good Greek mythology retelling - but this one just wasn't that exciting. Granted it was a quick read, but it was slow and kind of dragged on. The illustrations were a nice touch, but they didn't help make this young adult retelling any more exciting. I was happy that Medusa had her own voice and we hear her side of the story, I just didn't care as much as I should have. Was she wronged? Absolutely. Is her story often overlooked? Yes. Could this have been written better? Also yes. This story takes place four years after Medusa has had her hair turned to snakes, she's living on an island in exile with her two sisters when a beautiful young man finds himself washed ashore. She won't let him see her, but the two grow close as they tell each other their tragic stories. Readers already know that it won't end well. Perfectly ok retelling. 

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