Friday, November 12, 2021

No One Goes Alone

I knew this was only available as an audiobook, but I neglected to read the description. When I saw it was written by Erik Larson I assumed that it would be some kind of true crime nonfiction. Wrong. It was a historical ghost story set on a small island in 1905. A group of researchers, all who deal with the "supernatural" or fantastical things, come together to explore a manor on an island on which there have been some unexplained disappearances. They set out to prove there is nothing haunted or wrong with the house but as the days progress something is definitely off. No one can put a finger on it - but there are occurrences that make no sense. Danger, romance, mistrust, and slow growing fear spread throughout the inhabitants. Starts off strong, but I stopped caring the last hour or so.

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