Monday, November 8, 2021

A Little Hope

Emotional and poignant - this was a rollercoaster of feelings and I zipped through this book super fast. Told through a multitude of characters yet, revolving around one couple, multiple storylines overlap and interact in this beautiful melting pot. In the not so small town of Wharton, Connecticut, many lives are off balance. A man struggles with addiction, a women misses her unreliable ex boyfriend, a husband cheats on his wife in an unforgivable moment of weakness. The thread that ties all these lives together is not just their location it's Freddie and Greg. Greg has just been diagnosed with cancer, the kind that most never recover from. How will his wife survive, or his daughter, and what do the people in town have to do with anything. Emotional and fulfilling - a tearjerker at moments yet ultimately inspiring and hopeful. 

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