Monday, October 11, 2021

The Ex Hex

Halloweentown meets an adult Sabrina the Teenage Witch in this cute romcom. Vivienne Jones drunkenly cursed her ex-boyfriend when she was a teenager. But she and her cousin were just fooling around, it's not like anything happened. Except when that ex-boyfriend comes back to town nine years later - all sorts of things start happening to him; a statue almost falls on him, he almost gets hit by a car. Did the curse really work? Rhys Penhallow is sent back to his family's hometown to recharge the ley lines on Halloween - and he hasn't been back since Viv broke up with him. The sexual tension is thrumming in the air and it's not the magic. Viv and Rhy have to work together to find a way to reverse the curse and save the town before something really bad happens. Cute, fluffy, and fun. A perfect Halloween read. 

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