Friday, October 15, 2021


Jesus. This book. Not horror all the way through, not like I anticipated from a Stephen King novel, but disturbing nonetheless. I had never seen the movie so I only knew there was a bad dog and trapped people in a car. I wasn't prepared though for this. It's that of course, and so much more. It's upsetting and disturbing and although it's not fast paced, the slow and steady build of the story make it terrifying. When Donna and her son Tad drive out to a local mechanics place to get their car fixed they have no idea what horror awaits for them. Donna's husband is in Boston for business for a few weeks and the mechanics family has left for a week. No one knows where Donna is and soon they are trapped by a rabid dog with no hope in sight. No one is going to come to save them. It's the hottest week in the year - how will they survive? This is a hard read for animal lovers. A heartbreaking read. The ending was..... awful. Cujo is about more than just a rabid dog - it's about rabid people - people who are at their worst, people who make bad decisions, and those decisions have consequences. Disturbing, but well written. I don't know if I can stomach watching the movie though. 

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