Monday, December 14, 2020

Spoiler Alert

Cute, nerdy, and unique. I loved this unconventional romance that centered on a game of thrones-esque fanfic community. April writes steamy fanfics featuring Aneas and Lavinia from the world famous show, Gods of the Gates. Her best friend is another fanfic writer but she's never met him in real life. If she only knew that her best friend is actually the star of Gods of the Gates and writes fanfics because he is sick of how the shows producers keep bastardizing the material. What would happen if they met up? Would steamy Marcus Caster-Rupp be attracted to April despite her size (she's fat and proud of her body) and would she be able to get past his looks and see the insecure man behind his beautifully sculpted body? A romance that deals with trust issues, self-worth, parental troubles, fat-shaming, erotica, and the fanfic community. Lots of fun and very original. 

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