Friday, July 10, 2020

Mumbo Gumbo Murder

I can't say I had this predicted early but after the second murder I knew who it was. Kitschy and extremely over the top, the best thing about this book isn't any of the characters or the plot itself, it's the setting. New Orleans is the stand out in this cozy mystery; not Carmela the scrapbook store owner, Detective Babcock her grumpy fiance (although to be fair I'd be more than grumpy if my fiance kept discovering bodies), Ava the stylish single romantic best friend, or any of the ten thousand suspects. New Orleans is pretty much the only good thing about this mystery, I can't believe there are FIFTEEN books in the series before you get to this one!! Carmela sure knows how to do the job better than the police apparently! Carmela and her bestie are wandering the streets, enjoying the food and drinks, while watching a street parade when they hear a window break and screaming. They rush over and discover that Carmela's friend (honestly more like acquaintance) has been killed inside his antique store. Since it's her FRIEND, obviously Carmela has to do some sleuthing - why would she ever trust her fiance - you know, the detective on the case?!?! Lots of red herrings, asides about food, crafting tips, and witty banter. Pretty banal in my opinion and I wouldn't read more in the series.

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