Thursday, July 2, 2020

Court of Thorns and Roses

Why did it take me so long to read this!? People have been hyping up this fantasy series for years and I've never paid it any mind. I was an idiot, I enjoyed this book so much, I couldn't stop reading it! It's suspenseful, intriguing, romantic, adventurous and more - everything I want in a fantasy. Even though this is a "teen" book I would categorize it more as "new adult" - there are a few steamy moments and since it's a fantasy - the age isn't necessarily as important since the main character isn't in high school. Nineteen year old Feyre is responsible for her two older sisters and her crippled father, once wealthy they have sunk to the very bottom and they are very near starving. Feyre made a  promise to her mother before she died to take care of her family so she hunts and works herself to the bone even though none of them ever seem grateful for it. One day she manages to kill not just a doe but a big wolf as well. She soon finds out it was a faerie she killed and as penance she must go to over the wall and be a captive with them for killing one of their kind. She doesn't expect to be treated to warm baths, new wardrobes and good company when she gets there. What is going on? LOVED it and I will be reading the rest in this series!

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