Saturday, May 16, 2020

If It Bleeds

Another stellar collection from Stephen King! Four short stories, each compelling, dark, but not super creepy. In Mr. Harrigan's Phone, a young boy starts to work for the introverted old billionaire down the street. What happens after his death defies belief - or does it? The Life of Chick is a multi-layered story told in three parts and in reverse. The world is slowly ending - internet and power are going out worldwide, California has fallen into the ocean, Asia is starving, and someone named Chuck is all over the bill boards. Who is Chuck? If It Bleeds is a short story featuring Holly and Jerome from the Bill Hodges trilogy. What if there is a new evil and the only who can stop it is Holly (my personal favorite in this collection)? Finally there is Rat, a story about a man willing to do anything to finish his novel. He goes out to his father's old cabin in the woods determined to get the story out of himself one way or another (very reminiscent of another Stephen King story that was turned into the movie Secret Window). Another stellar collection! I loved it! Give me more!

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