Saturday, May 9, 2020

Christmas in Winter Hill

Short and sweet, this inspirational holiday read is a light palate cleanser - good for when you'er getting stressed around the holidays. Single mom Krista and her daughter Emily move from Arizona to Winter Hill Washington and they're in for a treat. Krista isn't one for Christmas cheer but that's about to change when she takes over as city manager and has to help out with Christmastown. Everyone in the small town gets involved and it's a month long festival. This year is even more special as they are giving away a "Christmas house" - a lovingly refurbished historic home to the best essay (see where this is going yet?). Krista and her daughter have made lots of new friends (her assistant's son isn't hard on the eyes) but she's also made some enemies as well. The town's finance manager has a bone to pick with Christmastown and he takes out his frustration on Krista. Was moving to this town a good idea? Will she survive without a car in a small apartment? Is she happier? A quick read with a happy ending all wrapped up in a bow.

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