Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Christmas in Evergreen

I held off on watching the Hallmark movie version until I finished listening to this and I must say; this is certainly the kind story that Hallmark would showcase. It's cheesy, sappy, dripping with holiday cheer, and so PG that you could read this to a child. Evergreen is the kind of town you don't believe is real until you see it. Steeped with holiday traditions and small town charm; everyone knows and loves each other and the Christmas Festival is the highlight of every year. Allie runs a successful vet practice but she has decided to move out to DC to try her hand in the city and be with her ex boyfriend. Ryan is trying to have the best Christmas possible for his eight year old daughter since his wife has passed. He thinks a holiday cruise will solve their problems but on the way to the airport they stumble across Evergreen and his daughter is enchanted. Once they cross paths with Allie (who is also headed to the airport) all bets are off. Will this be a Christmas miracle or a Christmas nightmare. Cheesy, so predictable, and good fun. This has Hallmark stamped all over it!

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