Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Reckless Oath We Made

I loved this as much as Bryn Greenwood's first novel and that is saying a lot. The premise of the book sounded odd to me but once I started reading it was perfect! I was immediately won over by Zee, a young woman in more debt and trouble than most her age and Gentry, a gentle soul who acts, speaks, and lives as a knight. The voices in Gentry's head have told him that he must be Zee's champion and watch over her, and he is determined to be the most chivalrous and protective man to her. Zee is used to having Gentry "stalk" her; she knows he's harmless, but she generally just avoids him. When her sister is kidnapped by escaped convicts, Zee finds herself: homeless, jobless, carless, and in charge of her 5 year old nephew. To say she is overwhelmed is an understatement. Gentry proves invaluable as he rescues Zee time and again and she finds herself softening to this stocky, Shakespearean talking, sword wielding man. Utterly unique, charming, and heartfelt. 100% would recommend!

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