Thursday, August 15, 2019

Hollow Kingdom

OMG! This book was out of this world. The description sounds weird and dumb, but honestly once you start reading you're hooked and you'll be singing the author's praises for writing such a unique and bad-ass story line. Hollow Kingdom is the saga of a pet crow named Shit Turd (or S.T. for short) who is trying to make sense of the world with his faithful companion, Dennis (the most lovable, dumb, dog) after their owner Big Jim and the rest of humanity is struck down with zombie-esque virus. Suddenly animals and all of nature are free to reclaim what the humans had taken from them. S.T. struggles with this as he truly loved MoFos (humans); he loved their hot dog eating contests, their Cheetos, their reality television, and their shiny toys. He's never embraced his animal side preferring to mimic the MoFos, but now he'll have to in order to keep he and Dennis safe from all the escaped zoo animals and predators on the wild. Hilarious, one of a kind, and moving. This is a must read. Descriptions don't do it justice, just read this and fall in love!

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