Friday, January 13, 2017

I Was a Bitch

What happens when two years of your life are erased? Lacey Jones emerges from a coma with no recollection of the last two years of her life. Last time she checked she was your normal sixteen year old teenager. Now she's the hot eighteen year old queen bee of her high school. She hardly recognizes herself or her friends and when a smoking hot football player comes into the hospital to give her a smooch she's even more confused. She's dating that sexy jock? How in the world did she achieve all this? What happened to her old friends? And what about this sexy boy named Finn who keeps showing up? Is he an ex boyfriend? Refusing to admit to anyone other then her doctor and family that she has selective amnesia, Lacey plods along trying to pick up the pieces of her past on her own. To her horror, she discovers the awful truth, that she was a bitch. A spiteful, cheating, conniving bitch. Filled with humor, outlandish situations, high school drama, and budding romance, this 500+ page young adult book asks readers what they would do if they could get a second chance.

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