Friday, December 9, 2016

Skipping Christmas

Thankfully this was a short book. While I enjoyed the end of the book (because it was finally over), I found at hated every character because they were flat two dimensional jerks with no personality. It's like John Grisham didn't even try! Basically this couple decides that they will skip Christmas this year because their 23 year old daughter will be in Peru for a year in the Peace Corps. They'll use all the money they would have spent on decorations, foods, and gifts on a luxury ten day cruise and forget about all the fuss and drama. Their neighbors, co-workers, and friends can hardly believe it. They won't dress up their yard? They won't get a tree or help out the boy scouts? No Christmas Eve bash? After a month of playing Scrooges something unexpected happens on Christmas Eve. You'll see the twist coming from a mile away. A totally blah, not great Christmas story.

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