Wednesday, November 16, 2016


The thrilling conclusion to the Bloodmark trilogy is worth the wait and will leave readers' satisfied. Ashling has started to fulfill her prophecy and has become the Crimson Queen over all the packs. With the Bloodrealms behind her, her love for Grey even stronger, and the support of her pack she thinks that things might finally starting to go her way. . But she soon discovers that it isn't a cakewalk being queen, the problems and the tough decisions keep rolling in. Her guardian (and father like figure), Baran, has been captured by rogue and dangerous wolves who are intent on robbing Ashling of her power and position and will stop at nothing to undermine and destroy her. Fast paced and exciting this finale was hard to put down. I don't want to say too much more and spoil the ending, but trust me, it was great. This debut author knows how to suck readers in and will have a ready fan base of readers waiting for her next trilogy or stand alone.

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Author's Bio:

Aurora Whittet started out as a wild red-haired girl in Minnesota dreaming up stories for her friends to read. Mama’s Knight: A Cancer Story of Love is just the latest in a string of acclaimed works. Her first official writing endeavor became The Bloodmark Saga, featuring a werewolf princess-turned-ruler who falls in love with a human boy. Her first novel in the Bloodmark Saga, Bloodmark, came out in 2013, followed by Bloodrealms in 2014 and the final book Bloodmoon in 2016.

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