Saturday, November 26, 2016

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things

From the first page I was in love with this book. It was dark, unsettling, disturbing, endearing, and all around addicting. It's a fairy tale romanance but with a dark fucked up fairy tale and a forbidden (at times disturbing) romance. Wavy has never known normal, psychologically scarred from her drug addicted mother, she barely talks, barely eats, and is thought by most to be a weird mentally challenged little girl. Lurking behind her weird ways though is a fiercely smart girl and the only other one who really sees that besides her little brother is a big burly Native American biker who runs drugs for her dad. When Jesse Joe Kellen lays eyes on Wavy for the first time she's only eight, but over the years they find themselves growing in love with each other.  Their illicit romance is naive and innocent until one day it isn't. Told from alternating perspectives over a decade this book will keep readers on their toes. A must read!!!

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