Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Survivor: The Escape

A memoir about overcoming the curve-balls life sends you, no matter how many come at you and no matter how hard they hit. Ditto writes of her experiences being abused as a child, teenager, adult, wife, and mother. Every step of the way she has had to face men and women bullying, beating, and lying to her but she has learned how to stand up to them. While she may not be a perfect Christian, having four kids out of wedlock, Ditto tries to tell her story as an imperfect Christian, calling on readers to accept God's plan, love, and forgiveness. This autobiography is written not as a journal but as a flashback with many added retrospective comments and concerns as she looks back upon the mistakes of her youth. Although the book is in dire need of an editor or proof-reader, the reader is able to look past the myriad of typos, odd phrases, and spelling choices to understand the message of this short biography. The author lives somewhere in Europe or Africa, it's never quite made clear, so a lot of the domestic abuse scenarios seem even worse than we are used to hearing about in America because the authorities treat it vastly different where the author is from. An inspiring ramble through the author's traumatizing youth and early adulthood.

I received this book for free from the author in return for my honest. unbiased opinion.

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