Thursday, October 27, 2016

Big Fish

I grew up loving the Tim Burton movie so I was fairly certain that I was going to enjoy the original novel edition as well and I was disappointed. It had been years since I have seen the movie, but reading this definitely helped a lot of it come back (although a re-watch is definitely happening!). The story follows a son as he tries to piece together his father's life. Having grown up on nothing but tall fantastical tales about his father, Edward Bloom's life, he is unsure what to make of him. Who is his father really? Now that his father is on his death bed he wants to know the truth. The story is told in short little stories, each more fantastical than the next. From a swamp witch, to battling a feral dog, to tricking a giant; each story shows the  essence and character of a man. A wonderful, innovative, and fast read with a wonderful movie companion.

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