Thursday, September 17, 2015

The New World

Beautifully written, but the rambling nature of the coming of age story kind of derails it. I admit, I did not read the first in this series, and after reading this I am unlikely to pick it or any other additions up. Jim Hawkins (beloved Treasure Island character) and Natty (a young black girl and Jim's "romantic" interest/best friend) find themselves stranded in a strange land when their ship wrecks. They are taken hostage by some savage indians and right before they escape Jim makes the wise decision to steal Chief Black Storm's beloved necklace. It was then one long journey (over two years) through Indian territory, deserts, forests, rivers to escape the wrath of the wronged Chief. The story just did not tickle my fancy. The characters fell flat as did the plot. Good for kids perhaps, but not for me.

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