Monday, June 9, 2014

While You're Away

This is not a book I would have EVER normally picked up. The whole story line of "can cheaters ever change?" is not enticing. I do not like cheaters; I don't condone their behavior and I believe that karma will come back to bite them. That being said, the writing was solid. I know this is a pseudonym of a well known young adult author, and I can understand why she didn't attach her name to this particular piece of tripe. The characters have depth and teens will definitely enjoy the banter and musings of these high school characters, but... that's were my praises end. "Jessa Holbrook" definitely wasted her talent on this crap story line and will hopefully work on other pieces of meaningful teen lit.

If you're wondering why I despised this story let me break down the plot for you. Sarah and her boyfriend Dave are talented musicians, singers, and songwriters (they have it all!) and have a kick ass band together called Dasa. After a performance Sarah finds herself in a room with the high school man-whore, Will, and they end up making out. Sarah is Torn. She esteems Dave and loves what they have, BUT she thinks that there is something deeper with the wealthy, too good looking to be real man slut that is Will. She eventually decides to dump Dave after seeing Will behind his back (harlot) and Will eventually leaves his girlfriend (shocker). Together they are perfect and soo soo in love (cue little birdies singing). But oh no! Will has to go to college! Can Sarah trust Will around other girls?! Especially since he is a womanizer and known cheater? "Can a love born from betrayal stay true?" Barf. The worst part about this story was the end. It was ridiculous and I feel like I need to apologize to any self-respecting females out there. You are better than Sarah. Please always remember that. I guess that is the real lesson from this, because clearly cheating is alright if you find your "soulmate" (yeah right!).

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