Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tyger Tyger

Eh. That's my summary of the book, eh. It wasn't awful but it certainly wasn't great. It jumped all over the place and the celtic myths and legends got super confusing after a while.

The story follows Teagen and her brother as they discover their world is not as it seems. It turns out their Irish heritage is based more on legend than normal history. Goblins, angels, and shadow men are real and it's up to Teagen and her brother Aiden to team up with their cousin, Finn, (and soon to be love interest... weird) to defeat the Goblins and save their dad.

It's an alright book, but I was not intrigued enough to pick up any of the other books in the series. The characters all act waay older than their age and hardly seemed surprised when their world is turned upside down, totally not believable. Then again neither is anything in this story. It's a great idea but it needed more development or something. The only redeeming thing is the fact that their dad is a kickass librarian. But even that still couldn't save the story. Oh well.

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