Monday, May 20, 2013

Snow Crash

This is hands down one of the most unique "sci-fi" books I have ever read. It's not really sci-fi perse it's more steam-punk set in a dystopic future America, but hey, kinda same thing right?

This wildly exciting novel is damn hard to describe. Hiro Protagonist a pizza delivery guy for the mafia (yep, in the future Pizza delivery is a serious business. the mafia personally guarantees your pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less) who finds himself teaming up with a young kourier (highly skilled skateboarders that deliver packages for hire) to find out about a new virus called "snow crash" before it brings their highly complex technological world crashing down. This description literally only gets you one tenth of the way though the book. You have to read to find out more! And trust me, you'll want to. This book is soo bizarre and soo fun. It's one of a kind. I will definitely be reading more from this genre!!

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  1. Love this book! Plus Hiro is a librarian. Maybe not exactly what we think of as a librarian today, but he is definitely an information professional. His interactions with the Library of Congress are awesome.